Tuesday, January 27, 2009
feast during new year eve after work...hehe chef cooked for us!
dessert wine to accompany us with the food

the one on phone is the main course chef..the one beside is the dessert chef

hmm hmm..seafood pizza...

tomato soup and roasted meat

spicy seafood soup...omelette with abalone..and mushroom soup

hmmmm yeahh thats about all...it was fun to have a work reunion dinner..everyone eating together and chatting abit here and there..

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Sunday, January 18, 2009
okayy something random..woke up tml and remembered my dream..i dreamt tat i was at yishun safra climbing wif my friends..lol doing routes and laughing and training..the dream felt very longg...and i dun wanan wake up but damnn the stupid construction soo noisy!...so bo bian..anyw
ay while typing thisi just realise constructuion is everywhr!..at tp at my house here which seems nvr ending!..4ever chagning things ard..the floor the playground the wadeverr..just keep changing..and im not good at changee..i like the old..just hope it remains liddat noww....no more changes!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

my fave my fave!..been such a longgg time since i've ate this damn super duper nice pig liver+kidney+meat mee suaaaaa!...its a mustt tryy...!!..:):)! okay so lets see today's trainingg..umm umm how i should see it...hmm its definately refreshing...2 rounds of resirvoir..omgg..to some ppl might be okay..but not everyone is like some ppl..so yar..hated running alwayss..but tat doesnt mean i din give my best..i did..and then did 50 pull up..then tats it..actually b4 tat got some gyming session.but coz my lesson end at 6 so yar needa go later...then um tats abt all for now baa
try the mee sua!

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Monday, January 12, 2009

phew singapore canoe marathon is overr..finally..all the hardwork is finally paid off..irregardless if u wont a medal or not its still something great to be able to complete 14km,27km and 36km..for those who won a medal then its an extra congratulation for them!..but those who din..dun feel sad..its great progress like wad coach said!..we'll be able to make it de!

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

okayyyyy this is sooo outdated..tat time went to a gig with qing ling..to suppoprt her friend..before christmas..the theme was acoustic christmas or sth liddat..well the music was fine fine..but its just not my type i guess..i almost fall asleep and rollll on the floor..lol!..k heres some picz.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

tada!..some picz as promise for the siloso partyyy...nth obscene or wadever just some innocent pic..haha

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Saturday, January 03, 2009
hmm recently like such a uncomfortable period of time for me sia..learning the jk and capping so many times is just sian..but blooody hell i wont give up de!..then next is parents..specifically my mother..shes doing IT again!..damnn freaking sian..k nvm..then aiyah a lot things la..but but like the usual me im gona take a step back and just handle wadever tat is coming at me..and overcome it..after all it will be over sooner or later and theres nth tat doesnt have a solution de ma..so yar lo..those ppl who are feeling troubled or wad..just take some time off and look at things from another angle..think postively..dun care wad ppl think abt u..afterall its yourrrr lifee..y make yourself unhappy coz of other ppl..tats just plain silly..:P:P..k im gona go back to the happy me again...and yeahh tml working!..love work..especially doing baristaa..!

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Isolate myself

Choon Teck , sotong, luo bo de
18 on 23rd sept!..
Min xin pri , BDS , Tp
Personality : umm i guess..usually quiet ba..dun really like socialising a lot..lol..but its okay la..can talk


Umm actually anything laa


Hate: umm nth much la..the world to me is a nice placee!..


Wish: To continue to do wad i want..

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