Friday, August 24, 2007
lalal..weeeeeeee have been studying real hard recently wif my rockclimbing friends!!!!!!!we really studied sia..till quite late..until i sick le its worth i think..seeing tat my PIPC exam today should be okay really glad.anyway..cant wait for my class de chalet!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOOOo..yeahhhhhhhhhh..

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Thursday, August 16, 2007
haii...sian a sad was doing the math tutorial test i do until i was very angry and sad sia.until i feel like tears is on my eye sia..damnn..emo emo...i was really really disappointed lehzzz...i did study okay...i guess its not hard enough ba..ppl may think i always go out go out..but i study during times..for eg. ytd i went out at 6pm..but we finish sch at ard 11 plus i reach home at 1pm then i started reading thru trying intergration qn and differentiation one..until ard 4..then i went to slp..until 5plus..then go find my friend when i reach home at night i still studied for 2 hours lehz..i was quite sure i noe how to do substituion lor..and basic intergration and differentiation..chain rule all tat..but damnn..its like..i think is either im not alive or math is alive..the qn is'nt like just the way i thought it will be as in simple de la..just use chain rule or those rule sub sub then get it...those one step de..the qn i think is need three four step one dad always tell me to be ling huo..but when i do math i feel so brain cant be flex sia..hai..but nvm it wont bring me down!..ill study!! studie wif my rockclimbing cum course friend..we studie from 6 liddat till 10plus..hehehehe..was very fulfilling..i did a lot of math intergrate differentate..and i wanan thx jia ming sia..for teaching..i was so slow in learning i really really learned a lot today sia...i hope ill be able to pia studying till math exam..and not forgetting others too..everyone jia you ba!!!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
weeee slacking a little at tp's library wif jian zong..using his laptop to post..wahaha..phew todays was cool mann..afer the hard work ytd we finally finish our project!!!!!!!!its officially inish now!!and i think our ans should be correct ba...yeahh..nice team work!!

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Thursday, August 09, 2007 is a crazy dayy..soo fun..haha..actually today din wanan go out one..planned to stay home study for the coming test and sem exam..but ah sia keep asking me go..go i've decided to study in the morning..afterall its my usualy time to wake up at 8 i did tutorial for tml and studied till ard 2..
then i went to slp till 4 plsu i meet ah sia at mrt..then we went city was sooo crowded and a lot of path is block..due ot overcrowding..then from city hall we walk to buy my running shorts..but in the end din buy it.coz both of us dunnoe which FBT shorts is for guy or!!!..then we from suntec walk to marina sqaure..after reaching there..we had our dinner at cafe cartel..we ordered the crispy combo for almost manage to finish it sia!! took us 45min to finish!!.and we 4got the fireworks until its too late!!..when we heard the sound of fireworks..we were like..oh shit!!..but cant reach there in time we decided to just eat slowly then..okay..after eating..we walk alll the way from marina to bugis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!which took us more than an hour!!!!coz we got lost on the way!!!!i told qing abt it and she was!!two road idiot..sure lose one..lol1!then finally after 1 hour plus we manage to reach bugis..and have our supper at TCC..cakes and tea and was very relaxing until jian zong called!!..he said whr u!?!?i was my drink?..then jz was like WAD?!?!?!tml got MEB TEST!!!..then i was like oh shitt..i 4got!!!!!!...but lucky morning i got study..then got a lil lecture from a caringggggggggggggggggg friend..i then we took cab home and have this crazy driver..saying tat we got cheated..tat fireworks is lame..waste ppl money..bla bla..then ask my sch..course..all and ah sia were like..sian diaoo...crazy uncle..and finally i got home..whewwww..thx god..made it home saftely..wad a dayyyyy....

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007
Rockclimbing!!!..woooooo..ytd was a damnn fun day ah...we played 3 game in the boulder gym and the first was to challenge between two side..everyone has to climb from one end to the other end and put a runner(item) and put it on the rope...then our team second game was for the senior..they have to go climb ffrom one end to the other to retrieve the runner and climb seniors were had some weird weird plan...and team 2 won..the last game was the fun one..we have to cimb to one the wall..then we need to hold tightly..then when the game start we are suppose to push each other down from the wall..then i was between roy and some1..then they two were like telling me..hey cooperate ah..then i was like...oh okok..then when the game start!.both of them tickeld mE!!!!!and use their hand to push my hand away from the!!..then i fall sia!!'ve learn to not believe ppl

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Thursday, August 02, 2007
Mix feeling of happy and the result for rockclimbing finally was annouced...i got into the sch team!!and im damn happy about it!!..but my good friend tekai..din get in..although he keep saying hes alright but i can see tat hes actually really sad..i find tat his climbing is alright..just tat some funny mistake like the one during rockamania might be the cause he did not get gona have a friend lesser sia..during rockclmbing..i hope ill be able to get weell wif ppl there..things are getting better le..hmm..yup..tat yar..overall im still quite happy!..but smyphaty for tekai..hai..anyway i also dunoe sch work is not realyl going very well..hai..but i kinda like my cca too..damnn wad should i do sia..i think of planning to skip some week's cca..coz its 3 times a maybe 2 week skip once or sth..hmm..maybe..see how it trying hard to improe my studies let see how is goes!!!!

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