Sunday, November 25, 2007
suddenly rmb!!!..ahhh..its been so long since i posted fooodd..rmb tat i've took some food photo long long ago..i think weeks ago..or 1 month ago..a pa drive me go eat..wif my ma also..we the old changi airport i think...opposte broakdrick sec eat..theres a lot of fooood shop there sia!!!!!!..i ate the prawn noodle..damn nicee..can choose a lot of type..small middle big prawn..and wif pork rib...very nice!!>.the prawn damn fresh...the meat very nicee..springlyyy..
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big fresh prawn!!!!
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oh yar..they brought me to temple too..near st anthony sec there..not really near la..but tats the closest place i can think of..umm yupp.

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Recentlyyy...lets seee..hmmm life have been okay so far..finished some freaking tests..and should be getting those junky result this week i guess..but wadever..can pass jiu hao..and climbing tat side..hmm..its been greaT!!!!i've got to see pa chee wan...a korean climmberr...hes gd in climbing and has a sense of by looking at him u willl noe tat hes a funny person le and most importantly!!!!!!!! xiu quan got third for the asian youth!!..but then the prize is a lil cheapskate..but at least got a medal to keeep at homeee..yeahh nicely done xq!..okay..then jia ming's speeding com..he got into the top 16 but then lose to a guy..they aree soooo almost seems tat they two tap the thing together..but somehow the other guy was a lil faster i guess..awww..if not can see jia ming final le..aiyahh..but nvm next time next timeee...!!!..sure can deee..train train train....jia youuu..2 more month of trianing b4 next yarr..

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Saturday, November 17, 2007
YTd was a GREAT dayyyyy....first we wanted to go to the tp beach party...organize by the jap cultural club we met up at 9am..and went sentosa..the party was kindaaaa boringggg...not much ppl..its soo much boring then i've we decided to not go..and do our own we then manage to ind a gd spot to put our bags and stuff down..then we rush to the water and swim for a while..after rest and stuff liddat..the most fun part was the 5 of us..dixie clement xiu quan and jia ming..we took 4 big float...then connect all of it using our hands..then we paddle arcorss to the other 'island' the opne opposite siloso there..was damn fun!..we got there then jump ard the rock look here look a lot of other things..overall ytd was fun!!!...theres so mange to take much photo..heres some
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Yes first say wif xiu quan whole day after hes overseas trip!!...damnn was fun la..more lively laugh laugh talk..listening to them say go climbing climb climbbb....did 4 roof route today..then go eat at 826..simplee..simple day..just love it..!!:)..hope everyone will stay happy and cheerful everyday!!!..

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Sunday, November 11, 2007
Yeah!!..finally change my blogskin le!!...omg i just love this i noe the reason y friend say some template when preview is very messyy..but when u view blog its there u go!! blog skin!!!hope u all like it..

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5:44 AM work had to go work at 7am..=.=..piangz its damn early la..then my parents woke me up at 5..coz they are going to deliver some stuff..then i was early siaa..wad to do..cant sleep back also..then i just bath,,drink my coffee and waited for time to pass..its a boooringggg...dayyy....then work till 3pm..went home..and rest a bit...tried taking afternoon nap..but it NEVER works!!..either telephone ring a lot..or the construction ppl will be drilling drillingg..haii..somemore a lot of..thoughts keep appearingg in my head...making me very fan zhao..damn irritated..then i tried doing some math and oc for tml..just did a few qn...then nto sure how to do the rest le..

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Friday, November 09, 2007
Alrighttt...ytd has been the suckest day...haii....beeen thinking whole nightt..wad went wronggg..i guess theres just too much factor..too dumb maybee..too stone..or wad i dunnoeee..but im gona get over it trust me!!..gimme some time..and ill be back to normal!!..i feeel soo empty right theres a hole in my lifE!..ahh..wadeverrr...gona slp now..and climb tml! its kj birthday tml!!!..gona celebrate it wif my sec sch eat eat!!.eating therapy i guess..lol1!!

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Saturday, November 03, 2007
hmmm...damnn..sot sot de blog..or issit coz of the other person's template..i cant get to change my skin lehz..tried a lot..but the post keep overlapping tagboard..title all tat..y liddat siaa..anyonee noessss

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weeeeeeeeeee...xiu quan is we went tamp at 3 liddat..was so stupid was in bus 67 and dreaming...then haopei came up the bus and i dunnoe sia!!!!!!1..then he purposely walked pass me and hit my shoulder..then my dream was disrupted..but i din turn and look who did it..i just simply..tot aiyah nvm la...continue!!...then i went back..then suddenly after a few stop he called me..then he say im behind you..then i was like..huh!?behind me??wad behind mee?!..then he said again..IM behind u!!!..then i was like..okay..look behind and wa!..hes there!!..okay..nvm next tiem i look at ppl

then reach tamp saw dixie..he finally wore hes black pants!!..and hes new shirt!! was kinda nice!...then he called jia ming and roy..then jia ming decided to trick him..and says hes not coming tat hes sick all at first i wasssss like..oh yar..he like not feeling well..then okay..then suddenly i saw jia ming from behind..coz dixie's back is facing jia ming so he din see..and i started smiling a lil.then kena cai chuan already..dixie turned back and saw jia!!.. part was at the hawker shop..clement ate the biggesttt ice kaching i have ever seen sia!!..4 dollar de!!..damnn big..dixie have the photo..if u see le sure kena shock dao onee!!..he almost manage to eat all finish sia!!!>!!.

finally..we went to the airport after ard 5 plus 6..we walk ard T1 & T2 then went to budget airport at ard 6 plus soooooo empty there sia!! first only got 6 of other ppl except a few worker..loll..we waited and waited..finally we are xiu quan!!!!!!!...he came out and we chattedd..he told us his fascinating stories..and experience all tat..waaa i so wanan hear de story lor..very i listen and listen..then after tat we went ajisen eat..then we went viewing gallery and talked somemore... i find it very nice & relaxing to just slack wif friends..listening..chatting..then sitting..just liddat..simplee..ahh..just love itt..yeahh tml we'll be going shop again!

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Friday, November 02, 2007
heheh..when jumbo after my public speaking lesson..but b4 i go to tat..wa piangz..sway siaa..the small duck is in my class lor..damnn gay...then the teacher ask how to call him..and he say'you can call me gorgeous' in his tat voiceeee..wa piangzz...then he keep act cute laaa in the classs..then talk dun talk properly..use a fake voice to talk like girl liddat siaa..wa kaozzzz...was damn irritated by him!!..but the girls were like entertain by him..and like laugh to him..lucky no chio de...all is like damn fat and er xin one fat de wear a shirt..then lou her stomach de fats there..piangz..then when she walk its like bounce nvm dun say le..
okayy..lets look at some nice ncie food!!!...
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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the birthday cake for qing

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Thursday, November 01, 2007
Arghhhh..siann think im gona be sick soooooonnnnn...lucky today no sch siaa...can rest a lil more...been sneezing and coughing non stop siaaaa...!!so irritated..wanan eat rice also hard..when i face down the bi ti will wanan drop out..then need sniff it up..lolll...but nvm laa...wad to for those we are nott feeling well alsoo pls take care...........wahahhaa

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today is ah qing's here wishing her a very happy birthday today!!..finally 17 le..:)..and i hope tat u will enjoy the celebration we planned for you tonightt....!!

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