Wednesday, December 31, 2008
wooo siloso beach party was a blastttt!!!!!.....wooooooo...had fun wif friends and friends and friends...thenn theres also some crazy ppl whose drunk...girl who wanan feed us food...gays...and girl who slp on the beach and get touch by guys...and sooooo much moreeee...the foam is also great!!!...woo dancinggg music..drinking..getting wettt...ahahah..FUN!~.....wait till i get some photoo oh yar not forgetting!....garyyy.....thx gary for driving us home after tat..

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Monday, December 29, 2008
okayyy blog regulary is got timeeee...umm so now..let see...ummm went sea kayaking wif jing yi and tekai on sat..coz our training is cancelled last min..and i was soooo looking forward to rowing..was suppose to meet kok wei at ard 10 plus de...together wif qing then in the end i ps him..omgg felt soo bad..sryyyyy....

k anyway our journey to kallang water venture is disaterous man!..we walked like hell tat day siaa...walk and walk..then finally reach..and dunoe lehz i think i prefer the service from changi water venture..was better..umm maybe coz the kallang ones is new staff ba..but anywayy yar..overall enjoyed the whole kayaking a lot..and i got to noe wads the marina barage thingy..
some photos....


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Tuesday, December 23, 2008 i dunoe waddd to post tooo many things overdue le..cant rmb..but damnn happy wif life except the upcoming christmas laaa...i mean ill enjoy the celebration and stuff but the b4 christmas is soooo troublesome soo many things to prepare wnana go out wif sooo many ppl and the present i wanan get for everyone!..but then i seriously not the shopping type sia..soo dunoe wad to buy..

okay tats abt!..i wanna work i love workingggg...but but i seriously dun have the time to do it tat often le..hai..dunoe how long i can hang on..coz they are expecting me to work like wad i promise during my 2 month holiday which is 4 times a week..but its kinda hard gona have to choose!..

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Saturday, December 06, 2008
whewww...finally a rest day at home..for past few days been studying and working and cca-ing..thurs went yining house study after sch...fri morning had my driving until 10 plus..then met yining tekai and jing yi at ard 1..then went yining house study again...then ard 4 plus i go le..coz working..then for sat..was the kayaking test..sculling and recovery...and weee!..i got to put on my seat on the boat..and woahhh..the diff of a seat is really greatttt...just adding a seat makes the wholeee boat sooo unstableeeeee...but its really funnn..heheh im lovin it...oky so today sunday...wanan slack a bit..thus typing this post..and after a while gona study leeee....tgt wif ice creammm....chocolatee...wooo! eat eattt

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Choon Teck , sotong, luo bo de
18 on 23rd sept!..
Min xin pri , BDS , Tp
Personality : umm i guess..usually quiet ba..dun really like socialising a its okay la..can talk


Umm actually anything laa


Hate: umm nth much la..the world to me is a nice placee!..


Wish: To continue to do wad i want..

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