Thursday, February 28, 2008
dream dream dreammmm....recently keep having recurring dream..kept dreaming abt exam fail fail fail..which will happen soon for sure..pipc...and also keep having very violent dream..its for like 3 weeks le..a lot of blood..and me stabbing ppl's head...the eye...omgg..its like also..after exam happily eat wif classmate then go home slp..then for tat 1 hour plus i also dreamt of me being chase by ppl..then had a violent fight wif a lot blood..its like..waa..a lil sadistic a first few days i would wake up after a while but after tat i kinda like. just let it continue..and scary thign is tat i feel so into more i stab and stab the better i feel like..the person die!!!..wa.a..i dunoe la..kinda weird..hmm let see tonight wad will i dream of again..anywya tml gona go sign up for hotel work..planing to work morning swissbake and night hotel..the timing just will be very happy i work a lot..heheehhhe...!!i seriously cant wait to work!!!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
i wish he would just die- my grandma's worthless son. which happen to be my mum's younger bro..this year 40 plus our house slp eat and grumble ..go back indonesia..get money from my grandma and even shout at her sometimes scold her..say y money so little..then sometimes dunoe wad business he do la..wif hes friends from indo..then everytime sneaky..and sometimes even bring hes damn friend to our house overnight..wads this!? hotel!? fuck man..then recently got caught by police..for selling dunnoe wad shit la..then need my mum bail him out then the case will continue..dunoe when..either be fine or go jail 2 mth! then he at there kap bei say hes life so sad bla one help him bla bla then he say he is going to jump down if he gets mum replied in teochew 'u dare say u better do!infront of our corridor..we wont be scare of you. you are useless as human even if u die u will be a useless ghost too..we wont be scare of u'..hohoho..he was so piss off until he bang the door and went out..

but whr can he go sia..morning saw him slp outside the corridor la..duh..act wad act...seriously dun like him sia..this is not the only thing tat happen in so many years lo..uselesssss...although im not very useful also..but..not as useless as him la..kaozz!!..wo nang..waa..cant take it..

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Friday, February 22, 2008
umm recently is the exam periodd...and as usual exam time = study study study!!! i noe..debbie is hardcore de from 8 till night de lo..non stop de and shes like enjoying studying sia..well i guess tats gd..coz u study not for the sake of studying but actually u like finding out moree..and learn makes studying mroe speaking of interesting..while im studying at home..suddenly i heard a damn loud brake sound followed by a
BANG! usual my house accident againnnnn..always de sia..damnn..thye should try to remake the road or sth can..but..i wadever im used to it le..always seeing later blood blood..ppl faint..crying..ambulance..police car..a lot of crowd...aiyoo wads new..but i think no one died b4 ba..if not news will have report le i think..soo think its okay la..but okay..main point is not tat.its tat the accident tat happened suddenly remind me of sth in the past sia.but nvm..get back to time then say..

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008 there really hope and i realise the cruel cruel fact in my life!!..suckzzz..totally...

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Monday, February 11, 2008
immm back from indonesiaa!!..yeah..i kinda like that place..although u might be talking and suddenly the lights are out and u have to go light a candle..the water supply there is also quite grandma say tat sometimes the tap might not have water for like a few days..but there will be ppl driving around selling water every few days..the traffic there is also van and ppl..ppl will just cross the road like the own it..and all those vehicle will just speed here and the place is liddat..y do i like it?..hmm..i dunoe..coz i guess life there is kinda simple..cost of living is low too..and as long as u are hard working..then your life would be not bad..aiyah wadever it is la..i just like it there..but i just hope tat water and electricity will be more stable next time..tats all..heres a few piczz
grandma!!..smoking and trying to press the phone number
mother playing wif relative childd
went to eat ice kachang on road side..
this is how they make it..under the wood theres a sharp thing..then they they rub the ice on the make those mini icee
this is the cheery i pluck from the tree..wipe it on your shirt and eat it!..very sweet!!!..niceeee
mee chiam kueh stall...damn nice too..diff from sg typpee..
relative houseee..and thier childdren i just love the children la!!..cute!!!
finally...the settled down and eat sth!

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Monday, February 04, 2008
Hmm...met up wif my sec sch friend on last fri!!...went to eat eat ri ben chun..located near swimming complex of ordered a lot of food!!..its a buffet lai de..10.90 plus pluss...then in the end become!!dunnoe how they plus de la..nt bad de food there..enviroment is okay to me too..umm yeah...heres some photo..of the food..and then after tat needa go home early coz paretns working feech my bro and bring him go eat...

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Wish: To continue to do wad i want..

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